Corporate Events

Escape From Zion Summit

  • Ropes Adventure Add-On
  • Private Briefing for Escape from Zion Summit
  • Escape from Zion Summit Mission Packet
  • Rope Course Instruction
  • Dedicated Game Master

It's an escape room on the ropes course!

Escape from Zion Summit is team building at its best. Fun and challenge merge to create a one of a kind adventure. Participants navigate the ropes course, find clues, and solve puzzles to find the key to “escape”.
Escape from Zion Summit is the first and only escape room experience that takes place on a ropes course. Is your team ready for the ultimate challenge?

Great For:

  • Groups up to 40
  • Groups looking for a fun activity that requires teamwork
  • Leaders looking to challenge their staff

Ropes Adventure

  • Up to 2 Hours on Zion Summit
  • Dedicated Equipment Outfitting & Safety Briefing
  • Rope Course Instruction
  • Private Facilities Available for Meetings
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Catering Available
  • Personalized Greeting on our digital signage

A unique corporate experience

Harness up for productivity and adventure on Zion Summit!  Our gorgeous new facility will provide you with all the tools you need to be productive and have a team inspiring adventure all in one place. Use our mezzanine for social events, or our conference rooms for meetings.  Don’t forget the food! We offer a broad selection of catering items for any size group. Our trained staff will give a private safety briefing and get your team on the largest indoor ropes adventure in the United States.

Great For:

  • Any size group
  • Fun activity outside the office
  • Leaders who want to reward their staff and have fun!
Corporate Event Laughing

Facilitated Team Build

  • 60 mins or more of facilitated team building
  • Dedicated Professional Facilitator
  • Contextual content based on your group needs

Exceed your goals and meet team objectives

Looking for an introspective view into the individuals that make up your team? Want organization training with practical application? Create the custom program your team needs to foster relationships, and discover untapped team potential. Our professional facilitators will assist team members in rekindling their appreciation for each other and in connecting to shared passion in the workplace.

Great For:

  • Any size group
  • Groups looking for a contextual program that accelerates the team bulding process
  • Leaders who want to accelerate team growth

Learn about the Team Building activities here

During Toxic Waste Removal, there is a container of “toxic waste” in the center of a circle.  Participants may not enter the circle.  The participants are given materials and must construct a tool that will allow them to remove the toxic waste from the circle in a given amount of time.  This exercise is intended to be a lesson on creativity and innovation as a team while having the stress of a deadline.

During the Blind Tent Build, we designate 1-2 individuals as the leader.  The leader may not watch the tent being built and may only communicate with the guides, however, they are the only ones that may look at the instructions.  2-4 individuals are designated as the guides.  The guides may communicate with everyone, but may not touch the tent parts.  1-2 individuals are designated as the Parts Depot.  The parts depot may not verbally communicate with anyone but they may hand out the tent parts from a stationary location and may watch the tent being built.  Finally, we have the workers that may touch the tent and build the tent, but they are blind folded.  The exercise is intended to be a lesson in organizational empathy.

There are six researchers who were conducting an experiment in a remote cave.  The cave has collapsed and there is rising water.  They have a radio and can communicate with rescuers.  Each researcher has a different life situation and profile.  The rescuers may only rescue one researcher at a time and each rescue takes an hour (simulated time).  It is likely that some of the researchers may drown.  The rescue team must make the decisions as to who to rescue and in what order.  This exercise is intended to be a lesson in ethical decision making under the stress.  

Facility Rental

  • Exclusive use of the entire facility
  • Unlimited Use of Ropes Course during your rental time
  • Use of all Summit Ropes venue amenities
  • Group facilitated team building available
  • Minimum rental time is 3 hours
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Catering Available

Rent the entire Summit Ropes facility

Have a large group? Want to have a private event? Then facility rental is for you. Summit Ropes has everything you need from a massive lobby, coffee bar and cafe, to the 2500 square foot Mezzanine where guests can cheer on their co-workers on the course from only feet away. The entire experience that is Summit Ropes will be yours exclusively.

Check out our Venue Amenities here.

Click here for Ropes Course information.

Great For:

  • Groups of 65 or more
  • Company picnics and all-hands meetings
  • Organizers who want an activity for everyone

Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended and closed-toe shoes are required. Heels, flip-flops, and sandals are not permitted on the course. See our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional course requirements and recommendations.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

See our Catering Menu for food service options.