Corporate Events


Corporate Events & Team-Building

From hosted team-building, to corporate celebrations, Summit Ropes provides a truly unique venue for your next event.


  • Up to 4 Hours on Zion Summit
  • Use of Private Area/Room

Meet-Up at Summit Ropes for a unique bonding experience

Our hosts warmly welcome your group to Summit Ropes, where you utilize one of our private rooms to deliver awards, offer congratulations or socialize and then harness up for adventure on Scout’s Landing or Zion Summit!  Our trained staff will help fit your group with climbing gear, provide a safety briefing and instruction about the indoor climbing experience. Then, during your group’s climb, our trail monitors will be prepared to offer encouragement, advice, or assistance as needed.

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  • 4-hour Program
  • 2 hours on Zion Summit
  • 2-hour Private Room

Join-Up to jumpstart newly united groups or long-standing teams

Join-Up is a facilitated event designed to jumpstart the formation of authentic relationships in newly united groups or reinvigorate long-standing teams. This program draws participants into sharing their beliefs and contributing their knowledge and skills toward creating or enhancing the group dynamic. Group members will test their skills in communication, collaboration and problem-solving. In real time, they’ll discover the actions they take when they are at their best, and behaviors that can hold them back. As they reflect on their shared experience, they’ll identify ways they will Join-Up to take on everyday challenges together.

By participating in a custom-designed Join-Up program your group can:

  • Build or Reinforce relationships so participants can comfortably share strategies, ideas and beliefs
  • Highlight diverse assets each participant contributes toward group success
  • Underscore shared beliefs and passions that draw participants together
  • Reinforce your group’s shared vision and focus to achieve results
  • Encourage seamless communication within departments and with your clients
  • Identify strategies for consensus-building, collaboration, solution seeking, and conflict resolution
  • Establish methods for delegating responsibilities and creating expectations for personal accountability
  • Create a cohesive, flexible and interdependent group that holds members accountable


  • Up to 6 hours
  • 12 to 150 guests
  • Use of Zion Summit
  • Use of up to 3 Private Rooms or Private Area

Team-Up at Summit Ropes to experience a program, custom designed, to achieve your teams goals and objectives.

Looking for a introspective view into the individuals that make up your team?  Want organization training with practical application? Create the custom program your team needs to foster relationships, discover untapped team potential, and expand the definition of ”the possible”. Our programs will assist team members in rekindling their appreciation for each other and in connecting to shared passion in the workplace.

By participating in our custom-designed activities group members can:

  • Cultivate a supportive culture based on mutual respect and trust
  • Develop an appreciation for curiosity and questions
  • Discover factors impacting communication and practice skills for streamlining flow of information
  • Hone skills for challenging assumptions, reframing problems, and connecting ideas in new ways
  • Explore communication processes that combine individual contributions to solve team problems
  • Foster relationship-building skills and techniques required to create cohesive teams
  • Provide team members prowess to act quickly to capture immediate opportunities.

Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended and closed-toe shoes are required. Heels, flip-flops, and sandals are not permitted on the course. See our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional course requirements and recommendations.