Venue Amenities


At Summit Ropes we are 100% focused on the guest
experience. We don’t believe that it should cost anything
to securing your belongings so that you can focus on your
adventure. That’s why our lockers are 100% free.


When we built Summit Ropes we focused on the guest
experience. That means everyone that walks through our doors.
Whether your adventure is on our course or hanging out on the
Mezzanine, we serve regular and decaf coffee all day. You may
use a disposable cup, bring your thermos, or ask our staff about a
Summit Ropes coffee cup.

Bevi Machine

Flavored Still and Sparkling water! Our Bevi machine is a
revolutionary new way to enjoy the #1 beverage in the
world. Use the touch screen to select from one of four
flavors and from still or sparkling. Then fill up your cup with
a healthy filtered way to hydrate. Oh, and the best part, its
complimentary for our guests.

Free Wifi

Because it should be…..

Our Facility

Hang out at our cafe, in our lobby or on our 2500
square foot Mezzanine. Whether you are getting
some work done, hanging out with friends hydrating
after your adventure, or taking photo’s of the
adventurers on the course, we have the cleanest,
most comfortable, and most spacious facility in the

Private rooms

We have three amazing private rooms capable of holding
up to 25 guests. Not enough, we can open up rooms one
and two and make our 40-person conference room.
Whether you are hosting a party or a business meeting,
we have the right room for you.